Here Is Why Park Hotel Vitznau Became Switzerland’s Most Exclusive Hotel This Year

30.07.2020 - Forbes Magazine

It was Josef Anton Bon who identified the village of Vitznau right on the shores of Lake Lucerne as a unique and special place. With its warm climate, clean air and proximity to the Rigi (a Swiss mountain of legendary status) he could perceive that here was somewhere others would want to journey to. Today, you see his vision brought to reality in the building he commissioned from architect Karl Koller – the Park Hotel Vitznau which first opened for business back in 1903.

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The Best Contemporary Spa Resorts in Switzerland

29.08.2019 - Forbes Magazine

There is no place like Switzerland for relaxation, outdoor sports and healing getaways. The quality of the fresh air and the astonishing number of healthy spring water sources draw visitors every year to soak up its Alpine magic. If you are a lover of wellness, exquisite forest views and high-end hospitality, these luxurious Swiss spa resorts know how to pamper. 

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Winter in Switzerland

01.02.2019 - Organic Spa

The perfect place for taking the «Kur», a spa holiday that refreshes mind, body and spirit. 

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A very impressive stay at Park Hotel Vitznau

29.08.2016 -

When we have a celebration we always try to find a very special Hotel. In this case we have succeeded again, it was even more impressive than we already expected. It began with the warm welcome from the very friendly and helpful staff.

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It's Hard to Focus at Restaurant Focus

18.07.2014 - My Girlfriend Guide

Why? Because how could you not be distracted from the food when the view is THAT killing? Ok, not to mention that you still have your date to focus: on. And it is THE place to go with your date.

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Nenad Mlinarevic

10.07.2014 - Four Magazine

33 year old Head Chef of restaurant focus, Nenad Mlinarevic’s culinary skills reflect the restaurant's inspiration from water, nature and the views across the lake towards the mountains of Central Switzerland. He places value on using quality regional products and combines these with great passion to create his 9 course Menu.

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